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Got questions?  We will guide you throughout the FIP treatment via chat box, phone calls, emails, and text messages. Let's get him/her cured.
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Goodbye FIP,
Hello CURE.

CURE FIP™ USA Products

3 Stages of FIP

Early Stages of Cats FIP


MID Stages of Cats FIP


Intermittent fever, a decrease of appetite, weight and lethargy.



Use oral pills to treat FIP symptoms if your cat has no digestive issues.

Worsening of early stage symptoms  + ascites, diarrhea, anemia and jaundice.



Start with injections, after 30 days switch tooral pills.

LATE  Stages of Cats FIP


Worsening of mid stage symptoms + stopped eating, cloudy eyes, loss of coordination, paralysis, convulsions.


Use injections for as long as symptoms persist. Consult your veterinary professional.

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CURE FIP™ USA 40 mgml + B12-2.png

Introducing the New Power in FIP Treatment. 
Now GS441524 in 30 mg/ml concentration with Vitamin B12!

CURE FIP™ USA 30 mgml + B12

More Strength, Better Health for your Cat's FIP Journey

  • Scientifically Proven

  • Easy administration of 8 ML

  • Strong concentration to maximise therapeutic benefits

  • 99.4% purity guarantee

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Refund & Relapse Guarantee 

CURE FIP™ USA Gurantee
We provide 1 full year relapse guarantee for cats that complete the full 84 days of treatment.

We refund the full value of unopened vials and capsules packs within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.

CURE FIP™ - GS441524, 30 MG

Empower Your Cat's Journey to Recovery with our GS-441524, 30 MG Concentration

CURE FIP Treatments Guide


Our injections are the most reliable form of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).

Start every usage with vials to ensure the best chance of survival and full recovery.


Our oral capsules offer cat owners an easy and painless way to treat FIP infection. 


Ideal for non-severe early stage cases; when your cat is eating and pooping normally.

CURE FIP™ FIP Treatment
  • Increased Appetite

  • Increased Physical Activities

  • Reduced Fever

  • Increased Alertness


Visible recovery in 5 days.

CURE FIP™ - Goodbye FIP, Hello CURE.

Our Treatment History

Since 2019, We have saved 31,000 globally.

Discover their stories.


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Get the guidance you need.

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Enjoy 10% discount on your order of treatment

Our reason for being...

Pioneering access to GS-441524, CUREFIP.COM has been empowering cat owners and veterinarians to combat feline infectious peritonitis since its inception in 2019. With a team of highly experienced experts, we have played a pivotal role in saving tens of thousands of cats worldwide. We are committed to providing accurate, truthful, and comprehensive FIP treatment and advisory services to all.

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