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CURE FIP™ Pills 

CURE FIP™ USA oral capsules are designed for felines according to their individual weight. Felines weighing less than 2.5kg should use pink pills, cats weighing between 2.5kg and 4kg  should use green pillsand cats weighing more than 4kg and blue pills to ensure each cat obtains sufficient dosage for their size and condition. 


CURE FIP™ oral treatments are intended to be administered for a duration of 84 days, offering a comprehensive and targeted FIP treatment for your cat.

The 84-day FIP oral treatment regimen using CURE FIP™ provides an effective and convenient solution for managing FIP infections in cats. By following this treatment schedule, your cat receives  a consistent and prolonged administration, targeting the FIP virus over their entire life cycle. With CURE FIP pills for cats, FIP cats receive the appropriate amount of antiviral medicine for their individual needs, promoting better treatment outcomes.

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