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CURE FIP™ Pills 

Curefip US offers FIP oral treatments in three different capsule categories, specifically designed for cats based on their weight. Cats weighing less than 2.5kg are prescribed a suitable dosage pill  (Pink), ensuring accurate dosage administration for their size and condition. Similarly, for cats weighing between 2.5kg and 4kg and cats weighing more than 4kg green and blue medications are provided.


These FIP oral treatments are intended to be administered for a duration of 14 days, offering a comprehensive and targeted approach to FIP treatment.

The 14-day FIP oral treatment regimen using Curefip provides an effective and convenient solution for managing the fip in cats. By following this treatment schedule, cat owners can ensure a consistent and prolonged administration , targeting the FIP virus over the designated period. With Curefip's fip pills for cats, FIP cats receive the appropriate amount for their specific needs, promoting better outcomes in their FIP management journey.

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