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Can Cats Get FIP at a Cat Cafe?Understanding the Risks and Precautions

Cat cafes are beloved spots for many cat enthusiasts. These venues allow visitors to spend time with various cats, offering a relaxing and enjoyable experience. However, because multiple cats gather in one place, there is a risk of spreading diseases such as Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). This article explores the risk of FIP infection at cat cafes and the preventive measures cat owners can take when visiting these establishments.

Can cats get FIP at a Cat Cafe?
Can cats get FIP at a Cat Cafe?

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a serious disease caused by a mutation of the feline coronavirus. While the common feline coronavirus typically causes mild gastrointestinal issues, the mutated virus can develop into FIP.

Symptoms of FIP

FIP can manifest in different forms: wet (effusive), dry (non-effusive), Ocular and Neurological FIP. Common symptoms include:

- Abdominal swelling (wet FIP)

- Fever unresponsive to antibiotics

- Weight loss and muscle wasting

- Lethargy and depression

- Jaundice

- Ocular and neurological symptoms

Cat Cafe in the Unite
Cat Cafe in the Unite

The Risk of FIP Infection at Cat Cafes

Cat Cafe Environment

Cat cafes are places where multiple cats live and interact within the same space. This environment leads to frequent contact among cats, increasing the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Since the coronavirus can easily be transmitted through feces, cat cafes are potential hotspots for FIP infection.

Reported Cases of FIP Infection

Several news have reported cases of FIP infection in cat cafes. The close contact among cats and the stress from the cafe environment can weaken their immune systems, making them more susceptible to FIP.

Preventive Measures for FIP

Hygiene Management

Cat cafe operators and visitors can reduce the risk of FIP infection through strict hygiene management. Regular disinfection, maintaining clean litter boxes, and frequent hand washing are crucial practices.

Health Monitoring of Cats

All cats in a cat cafe should undergo regular health check-ups. Any cat showing symptoms of FIP should be immediately isolated to prevent the spread of the disease.

Visitor Guidelines

Visitors to cat cafes should wash their hands before interacting with the cats and avoid causing unnecessary stress to the animals. Additionally, visitors should ensure their own cats do not come into contact with others during their visit.

The Role of CURE FIP™ USA

Introduction to CURE FIP™ USA

CURE FIP™ USA is a trusted FIP treatment provider in North America. They offer GS-441524, an innovative drug available in both injection and capsule forms, which is used to treat FIP.

Effectiveness of Treatment

CURE FIP™ USA's treatment methods boast a high success rate, helping many cats recover from FIP. Cat owners and veterinarians often see significant improvements within seven days of starting the GS-441524 treatment.

Additional Preventive Measures for Cat Owners

Health Checks Before Visiting Cat Cafes

Cat owners should ensure their cats are healthy before visiting a cat cafe. If their cats show signs of fever, lethargy, or other symptoms, they should refrain from visiting.

Boosting Immune System

Maintaining a balanced diet and managing stress are essential for strengthening a cat’s immune system. Regular vaccinations and health check-ups are also critical for disease prevention.


Cat cafes offer delightful experiences for cat lovers, but they also pose a potential risk for diseases like FIP. Strict hygiene management, regular health monitoring, and careful attention from visitors are necessary to mitigate these risks. With the support of reputable treatment providers like CURE FIP™ USA, many cats can recover from FIP and continue to live healthy lives.


1. Can cats catch FIP at a cat cafe?

Yes, cat cafes, where many cats interact closely, pose a risk for FIP infection.

2. What are the main symptoms of FIP?

Main symptoms of FIP include abdominal swelling, fever, weight loss, lethargy, and jaundice.

3. How is GS-441524 used by CURE FIP™ USA?

GS-441524 is available in injection and capsule forms and should be administered according to a veterinarian's instructions.

4. What precautions should be taken when visiting a cat cafe?

Precautions include washing hands, avoiding excessive interaction with cats, and ensuring personal cats are healthy before visiting.

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